Terraform Cloud Alternative

Terraform Cloud by HashiCorp was historically the first platform to provide teams with tooling to manage their infrastructure at scale. Spacelift takes that concept to a whole new level, offering a more open, more customizable and more extensible product.

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Policies, policies everywhere

Terraform Cloud uses a proprietary language called Sentinel to introduce checks on Terraform plans. Spacelift uses an open-source, CNCF-backed language called OPA to empower you to make even more policy-based decisions, ranging from access and RBAC to handling repository events and building sophisticated workflows.


Sophisticated policy tooling

At Spacelift, we realize that policy-as-code takes time to get right. Therefore, we’ve built sophisticated tooling called Policy Workbench for capturing policy inputs and replaying evaluations, allowing you to tweak policies in a tight feedback loop until they reflect your business needs.


Track individual resources

Unlike Terraform Cloud which mainly focuses on running Terraform, Spacelift provides the ultimate visibility into the resources managed by your organization. Group and filter your resources to understand the architecture or look up their history to get a glimpse of the evolution of your infrastructure.


Beyond Terraform

Unlike Terraform Cloud, Spacelift is not just for Terraform. All the functionalities are available for other infra-as-code tools like Pulumi, CloudFormation* or Ansible*. This allows you to manage your entire infrastructure using one platform, always using the best tools available for the job at hand.
* coming soon


Sophisticated declarative workflow management

Unlike Terraform Cloud that only allows one workspace to indiscriminately trigger another, Spacelift supports sophisticated policy-based decision making through trigger policies. Whether you need simple retries, complex dependencies between projects, rolling or staged deploys, or coordinated rollouts of interdependent projects, Spacelift gives you the tooling and the visibility you need.


GitOps native

While Terraform Cloud offers some level of integration with Git providers, Spacelift is truly GitOps native. Thanks to push policies it will fully support arbitrary Git flows, including massive monorepos. It will also use your Git provider APIs (eg. GitHub’s Checks and Deployments APIs) to give you the ultimate visibility.


Docker all the way down

Every Spacelift job is executed inside a Docker container, and we allow you to bring your own image and inject custom commands into the standard Terraform workflow. This gives you the ultimate freedom to use the tooling of your choice. Custom-built providers? Check. CDKs? Check. Programming language runtimes? Check. External linters or security tooling? Check.


CI/CD for modules

Like Terraform Cloud, Spacelift provides a private module registry. Unlike Terraform Cloud, Spacelift provides a full CI/CD story for modules. You can define positive and negative test cases for your modules, and we keep your users happy by running real test deployments and making sure your reusable Terraform code applies and destroys cleanly.


Predictable pricing model

Spacelift costs are based on factors that are easy to predict and control – the number of private workers and the number of active application users.


The most flexible CI/CD for Terraform

Enable collaboration. Ensure control and compliance. Customize and automate your workflows.