Take your infra-as-code
to the next level

Spacelift is a specialized, Terraform-compatible continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) platform for infra-as-code

No lock-in, it's just Terraform

Under the hood, Spacelift uses a vanilla Terraform binary: an open-source project with a vibrant ecosystem and a multitude of existing providers and modules. We promise to maintain this compatibility indefinitely, so you can just take your state and leave at any time.

Works with your Git flow

Spacelift integrates with GitHub to provide feedback on commits and Pull Requests, allowing you and your team to preview the changes before they are applied. Once the Pull Request is merged to your main branch, there may be another chance for a final review.

Policy as code

Spacelift integrates with Open Policy Agent to provide flexible, fine-grained controls at various application decision points, thus allowing DevOps to save a lot of Ops with a little Dev. Policies can be used to automatically review your code, define access levels, block unwanted code from getting executed, and much more.

Safely run custom commands

Spacelift helps you manage your projects by allowing custom commands to be executed - either as a one-off administrative task, or as part of your regular flow. Each command is both audited and subject to policy checks, so you can find your perfect balance of security and convenience.

Customize your runtime

Spacelift uses Docker to run its workflows, which allows you to fully control your execution environment. Need a custom provider? A bunch of helper shell scripts? AWK? Ruby? Perl? PHP (don't worry, we won't tell anyone)? We've got you covered.

Share config using contexts

Spacelift contexts are collections of config files and environment variables that can be attached to multiple stacks. Not only useful for safely passing around secrets, contexts present an attractive alternative to the more dangerous and fragile remote state.

Look ma, no credentials

Spacelift integrates with identity management systems from major cloud providers, allowing you to set up safe temporary access to your resources without the need to supply powerful static credentials. It will soon also allow us to provide some pretty exciting features.

Manage programmatically

Spacelift runner images include a zero-config Terraform provider which allows managing the lifecycle of its resources. Your stacks can thus create stacks, configuration, contexts and policies and link them as necessary. And you don't even need credentials for that!

Protect your state

Spacelift supports a sophisticated state backend and can optionally manage the state on your behalf. It provides an unprecedented level of safety by only allowing appropriate level of access to individual runs at their various lifecycle stages. Your state is thus protected from accidental or malicious access and/or change.

Understand cost and utilization

Remember that $10k/month database that you once forgot about? In the near future, Spacelift will add cost and utilization tracking on top of its integrations with major cloud providers, which will allow you to get the best possible value from your infrastructure spending.