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Spacelift is an Atlantis alternative that embraces all of its features, offering them in a modern and sophisticated SaaS product. It provides a more intuitive, versatile, and robust workflow, granular access control, drift detection, and many more. It's a better, more flexible CI/CD for Terraform, offering maximum security without sacrificing functionality.

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Versatile and robust workflow

One of most frequent challenges while using Atlantis in practice is a non-intuitive workflow driven by its reliance on pull requests. Spacelift does not depend on pull requests, it’s driven by push and tag events, so it’s easy to build a sophisticated Git flow that can be easily customized using Git push policies.

gitflow workflow

Granular access controls on account and project level that work well with an identity provider of your choice (SSO)

Spacelift ships with a sophisticated mechanism allowing administrators to declare who can log in (and under what circumstances) and what should be their level of access to each of the managed projects. Spacelift ships with SSO out of the box, supporting every identity provider that speaks SAML 2.0 protocol.

access control

Automated code review and threat detection using a consistent open-source policy-as-code framework

Spacelift puts policy-as-code in the center of its value proposition and builds a consistent, robust policy framework on top of Open Policy Agent – an open-source solution endorsed by Cloud Native Computing Foundation. You can not only declare rules that ensure compliance of your Terraform changes, but also implement rules around account and project access, handling push notifications, starting runs and triggering tasks, and creating relationships between projects.

policy as code

Ability to declare complex workflows between projects across multiple repositories

Spacelift’s trigger policies provide a smart, declarative automation layer on top of vanilla Terraform. These allow you to plug into state changes of individual projects and declare dependencies that should be resolved following the changes that have just been applied.

Built-in private module registry with a full CI system for modules

Spacelift adds a full CI solution for Terraform modules. You can ensure that your private modules are healthy before you distribute them to the rest of your organization.

private module registry

Effortless setup and customization with per-project environment management and Docker integration

In Spacelift, much of the configuration can be handled by the project owners themselves – you can add Terraform and/or environment variables and mount files (even inject Terraform code!) programmatically or through the GUI without the need for administrative privileges or changing the central server configuration.

Programmatic configuration using Terraform

Spacelift entities like stacks, contexts, modules or policies as well as their configuration can be managed in a declarative way using your favorite infra-as-code tool. Yes, that’s right – Spacelift offers a Terraform provider that allows you to manage the lifecycle of its own resources programmatically.

Creature comforts like contexts, tasks or stack locking

Contexts allow you to attach entire collections of configuration to individual stacks and modules. Tasks provide a powerful audited way of running one-off administrative commands on an initialized Terraform environment – subject to their own policy constraints. Stack locking allows a single individual to take exclusive control over a stack to ensure that nobody is able to modify its state while crucial changes are being made. The resources visualization shows you all the resources you’re managing in your account, when and how they’ve last been updated, and lets you slice and dice them using a plethora of views, filters and groupings.

managed context

The most flexible CI/CD for Terraform

Enable collaboration. Ensure control and compliance. Customize and automate your workflows.

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