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Our story

Founded by the creator of geopoiesis, Spacelift provides a collaboration and automation layer for infrastructure as a code. Without going into a technical minutiae, we focus on openness, flexibility, and customization aiming for power users. We hope to be appreciated by more sophisticated and security-conscious users.

Spacelift works with any IaC setup and is capable of working as a self-hosted agent on your infrastructure, therefore offering maximum security without sacrificing the functionality. Our solution is built on top of well-known and well-loved open source components like Docker and Open Policy Agent, allowing full customization while maintaining sensible defaults.

We are backed by Blossom Capital, Hoxton Ventures and Inovo Venture Partners.

A team of experts

Marcin Wyszynski

CEO & Co-Founder

Pawel Hytry

COO & Co-Founder

Adam Krol

Software Engineer

Jakub Martin

Software Engineer

Marcin Prokop

Software Engineer

Eugene Rogach

Software Engineer

Michiel De Wilde

Software Engineer

Adam Connelly

Software Engineer

Mudassar Shafique

Solutions Engineer

Magdalena Wojdat

HR Business Partner

Szymon Klepacki

Data Analyst

Julita Isalska

Operations Manager

Natalia Parcinska

Business Development Associate