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Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Spacelift integrates with leading infrastructure automation tools and technologies, providing a comprehensive deployment and management experience for your infrastructure. We strive to make sure full advantages of these technologies are available for Spacelift users and it is easy to work with any existing automation codebase.

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Cloud Formation

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Cloud providers

Spacelift integrates with major cloud providers to facilitate management of your cloud infrastructure. It connects with identity management system of cloud providers to generate short-lived tokens for secure access. 

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Amazon Web Services

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Google Cloud Platform

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Source Control

Infrastructure code repositories hosted by a Version Control System (VCS) can be easily accessed via Spacelift. Several popular SaaS and Enterprise version control systems are supported.

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Bitbucket Datacenter

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Bitbucket Cloud

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GitHub Enterprise

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Azure DevOps

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We realize the importance of timely updates related to your business critical infrastructure. Spacelift provides means to send notifications to popular team communication systems.

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Microsoft Teams


Today’s modern applications live in a complex ecosystem that demands open and easy access to relevant tools and technologies. Spacelift facilitates native and customizable integrations with leading technologies to provide enhanced experience for its customers.


GraphQl API

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Audit trail

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SAML Single Sign-on

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