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Logos and Usage

We’re thrilled that you want to use our logo! Remember, that it is a registered trademark and its usage is subject to certain conditions. Below you will find a set of guidelines to help you navigate the dos and don’ts of such utilization.

Not sure if you can use our trademarked logo in your specific case? Contact our Legal Counsel at legal@spacelift.io for further guidelines.

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Permitted Spacelift logos

There are three logo variants: horizontal, vertical, and just the signet. It comes in both RGB and CMYK. Each file contains four color variants: black, white, dark and light.

Logos usage

  • Utilize the logo within the limits of fair use (i.e. for reference, educational, or informational purposes)
  • Always display the logo in its entirety and without any alterations
  • When showcasing the logo, please acknowledge that you refer to Spacelift Inc.
  • Maintain adequate space around the logo so it doesn't get lost among other elements
  • Use the official logo colors, in accordance with the brand guidelines
  • Keep the logo at its correct size; always scale it proportionally
  • Use the appropriate version of the logo depending on the background (e.g., a light version on a dark background)
  • Don't add extra elements or effects, such as shadows or outlines, which aren't part of the official logo
  • Don't use unofficial color versions or change the logo colors
  • Don't place the logo on a background that makes it hard to read or renders it invisible
  • Don't rotate the logo at non-standard angles or place it in inappropriate contexts
  • Don’t use the logo in a way that might mislead consumers about your relationship with Spacelift
  • Refrain from combining the logo with other logos, icons, or graphics to create a composite mark
  • Don’t use the logo as a decorative element or background image