Introducing Spacelift Self-Hosted!

self hosted announcement

SaaS platforms like Spacelift have become the norm in tech today, thanks to the numerous complications and Capex associated with building a platform yourself. Being able to focus on your core business while letting other teams manage issues such as deployment is crucial to maintaining velocity and focus for your product. 

This is all great — except when it isn’t. One of the main reasons, if not the main reason, has to do with compliance. There’s big business in government, fintech, medical, and other regulated markets. And, to the chagrin of C-suites everywhere, where there’s money, there’s probably heaps of regulatory red tape. 

Luckily, Spacelift engineers have heeded this call and worked tirelessly to develop our most significant security-related release yet — Self-Hosted! While the managed Spacelift product is developed with security in mind with SOC II compliance, that still doesn’t quite cut it for certain defense-related and other extremely regulated industries. 

The ability to self-host an entire, fully-functional Spacelift platform within your AWS cloud alleviates concerns for most of these industries. Because it is self-hosted in YOUR AWS cloud, you can control ingress, egress, internal traffic, and certificates and even run it within GovCloud.


The process of deploying your own self-hosted Spacelift is a lot easier than you might think. While it’s not as simple as deploying an EC2 instance (come on, you know we’re more advanced than that!), it is as simple as accepting a license,


running a few CloudFormation stacks,

cloudformation stacks

and deploying a worker pool.

spacelift self hosted deploying a worker pool

How to Get Started

Reach out to us here to schedule a demo. Once we’ve validated your needs and ensured we can meet your requirements, we’ll get everything going!

The Most Flexible CI/CD Automation Tool

Spacelift is an alternative to using homegrown solutions on top of a generic CI. It helps overcome common state management issues and adds several must-have capabilities for infrastructure management.

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