How to Use Terraform Console Command – Examples

Terraform console command

Ever needed a quick and easy way to experiment with Terraform functions and expressions? In this short article, we will explore the terraform console command with some examples of how to use it!

What is the Terraform console command?

The terraform console command is a part of the Terraform CLI that opens an interactive console where you can experiment with testing interpolations before using them in configurations and interact with any values currently saved in the state.

The primary purpose of this command is to help you understand how Terraform evaluates expressions and functions based on your configuration, making it very useful for testing and debugging.

Terraform Console Usage & Examples

terraform split expression

Try lower("TEST")

lower terraform
variable "region" {
  type = map(any)
  default = {
    "uk1" = {
      "region" = "uksouth",
    "uk2" = {
      "region" = "ukwest",
    "us" = {
      "region" = "eastus",
    "us2" = {
      "region" = "eastus2",

resource "random_password" "password" {
  length           = 16
  special          = true
  override_special = "!#$%&*()-_=+[]{}<>:?"

variable "cidr" {
  default = ""

With the file in the local working directory, run terraform console. I can interact with the console and experiment with different functions.


var region terraform






cidrhost(var.cidr, 3)


Terraform will only calculate the values of some resources after terraform apply — The console will show you this.



Once you have finished experimenting with different functions and expressions, to exit the console, hit Ctrl-C or Ctrl-D, or type exit.

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