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Introducing Kubernetes Native Workers

Introducing Kubernetes Native Workers

We are proud to announce that Kubernetes native workers are now available. Our previous approach involved providing a helm chart designed to deploy worker pools within a Kubernetes environment, leveraging Docker in Docker. 

Now, we have introduced a new Kubernetes operator to manage these worker pools efficiently. This operator facilitates the creation and management of Worker resources directly in your Kubernetes cluster based on the WorkerPool configuration. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with standard Kubernetes mechanisms, allowing for the effortless scaling of these worker pools both upwards and downwards to satisfy the requirements.

In a nutshell, to use Kubernetes native workers:

# kubectl
kubectl apply -f

# helm
helm repo add spacelift
helm repo update
helm upgrade spacelift-workerpool-controller spacelift/spacelift-workerpool-controller --install --namespace spacelift-worker-controller-system --create-namespace

Here are some of the reasons Kubernetes native workers should be considered for any product:

  • Improved scaling – Automatically adjust worker nodes to handle varying loads, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Resource efficiency – Maximize resource utilization and reduce costs by using resources efficiently.
  • Isolation and security – Provide workload isolation in multi-tenant architectures, enhancing security and compliance.
  • Portability and flexibility – Enjoy deployment flexibility and meet diverse client needs rapidly.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a deep dive into how Kubernetes native workers function and the motivation behind their introduction.

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