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The stakes are high for technology companies working to exceed customers’ digital expectations and create revenue in markets that might not have existed five years ago.

They need to innovate relentlessly, replacing manual work with automation to drive efficiency, while also prioritizing the security of key business systems and customer data. Pioneering businesses fueled by innovation and speed to market need a highly flexible management platform for infrastructure as code (IaC) to streamline how their DevOps teams provision architecture.

These technology companies work with Spacelift to boost productivity, automate manual processes, and ensure control and compliance.

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We work with:
  • Marketplaces
  • SaaS companies
  • Game developers
  • MarTechs
  • EdTechs
  • Software development companies
  • IT service providers
  • Life sciences & biotech
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What leading technology firms say about Spacelift

  • “We’ve saved a heap of time and annoyance just by using Spacelift policies.”
    Senior Software Engineer, Infrastructure Team at Affinity
    Chris Nantau
  • "Spacelift’s drift detection makes our day-to-day work a lot more predictable and fun.”
    Infrastructure Platform Engineer at Picnic
    Luca Hennart
  • "The ultimate goal is to be able to spin up a new environment in 40 minutes – and Spacelift is key to achieving this."
    Head of Cloud Infrastructure Services at Axel Springer
    Andreas Pran

How Spacelift helps you accelerate safely

Automate your DevOps workflows

Replacing manual processes with automation elevates your infrastructure, streamlining IT operations and ensuring fast, reliable deployments, while also minimizing human error.

Increase the overall capability of your workflow with:

  • Multi-IaC support – Terraform, OpenTofu, Terragrunt, Kubernetes, Ansible, CloudFormation and Pulumi
  • Stack DependenciesDirected Acyclic Graph of dependencies between stacks that help achieve end-to-end workflows
  • Cloud Integrations – Credential-less integration with major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Contexts – Bundle of environment variables and mounted files that can be attached to any Stack
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Increase security and detect drifts

Security is essential for IaC, and strict adherence to the least privileges principle through RBAC is paramount. Drift happens in IaC, but it is important to detect and resolve it.

Bolster your security with:

  • User Management to add new members to your organization and manage their permissions, together with third-party integrations and group access
  • Spaces to safely delegate partial admin rights to teams
  • OPA-based Policies to control multiple points throughout the application
  • Drift Detection and Scheduling to identify and resolve drift and enable running tasks on a schedule.
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Integrate without limits

The ability to integrate with your favorite tool while keeping security in check is essential for achieving a reliable workflow.

Elevate your IaC workflow with:

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Boost governance and compliance

Tracing unauthorized changes and complying with multiple regulations is vital to minimize the risks associated with data breaches, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive information, and maintaining trust with stakeholders and customers.

Get the most out of your governance and compliance with:

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Here’s how technology services enhance their IaC with Spacelift

  • How Lightspeed improved their error rate and lead time for changes

    E-commerce platform Lightspeed chose Spacelift so they could expand their IaC capabilities and collaborate better across global time zones.

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    How TrueCar modernized the way they manage and deploy Terraform at scale

    Supported by Spacelift’s UI clarity, detailed documentation, and extreme flexibility, TrueCar has transformed their approach to Terraform.

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  • Axel Springer_white
    How Axel Springer is saving time and resources with Spacelift

    Spacelift helps Axel Springer quickly spin up new environments and efficiently deploy cross-platform updates.

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