Financial services go further with Spacelift

Innovating to meet and anticipate customer demand is hard. It’s even harder when you face unique security and compliance challenges. That’s why IaC is vital for ambitious financial services companies.

Spacelift orchestrates your infrastructure for efficient deployments and enhanced workflows. Organizations like yours are using our platform to manage their infrastructure safely while they get on with creating business value. Learn how Spacelift can help you innovate securely.

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We work with:
  • Banks
  • Payment providers, POS systems
  • Fintechs
  • Insurers
  • BNPL providers
  • Exchanges
  • Investment managers
  • Crypto and web3 companies
Trusted by top financial services companies, including:
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What financial services say about Spacelift

  • "We’ve never had an instance where was trying to do a deployment and Spacelift was down. Spacelift has enabled us to scale from a handful of deployments per day to averaging over 500 per day."
    Director of Engineering - Developer Platform at
    Joe Hutchinson
  • “Spacelift is a tremendous time saver for me, and that in turn makes our entire development and deployment process smoother and simpler. It has greatly reduced the amount of time we spend dealing with CI/CD for Terraform."
    DevOps Engineering Manager at SpotOn
    Alex Siegman
  • “Infrastructure used to be this big scary thing you did all in command lines, but Spacelift has fundamentally changed how we think about it — for the better. Now, it’s really smooth. It’s really easy."
    Director of Technology at Airtime Rewards
    Gareth Lowe

How Spacelift helps you accelerate safely

Automate your DevOps workflows

Replacing manual processes with automation elevates your infrastructure, streamlining IT operations and ensuring fast, reliable deployments, while also minimizing human error. Automated tasks eliminate toil and free your developers to innovate.

Increase the overall capability of your workflow with:

  • Multi-IaC support — Terraform, OpenTofu, Terragrunt, Kubernetes, Ansible, CloudFormation, and Pulumi
  • Stack dependencies — Directed Acyclic Graph of dependencies between stacks that help achieve end-to-end workflows
  • Cloud Integrations — Credential-less integration with major cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Blueprints — Self-service infrastructure that automates everything you can configure to your stack
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Reduce risk and bolster your security posture

Aligning your commercial ambitions with security best practices can be challenging for a financial services company, but we can help by automating and streamlining your infrastructure as code (IaC).

Strengthen your security posture further with features such as:

  • Spaces to safely delegate partial admin rights to teams
  • Custom Inputs to easily integrate security tools into your workflows
  • Private workers for easily satisfying any extra security or compliance requirements
  • User Management to add new members to your organization and manage their permissions, together with third-party integrations and group access

Boost governance and compliance

Tracing unauthorized changes and complying with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 is mandatory for minimizing the risks associated with data breaches, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive information, and maintaining trust with stakeholders and customers.

Get the most out of your governance and compliance with:

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Manage infrastructure efficiently and securely

Here’s how financial services enhance their IaC with Spacelift

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    For Latin-American fintech Pomelo, Spacelift’s specialized IaC platform for IaC adapts to their needs as they grow.

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    How PayFit boosted developer autonomy and productivity 

    Cloud-based payroll solution PayFit is enhancing efficiency, using Spacelift to transform their infrastructure management.

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  • How SpotOn achieved full visibility across all infrastructure environments

    For software and payments company SpotOn, Spacelift was the perfect tool to help simplify infrastructure provisioning.

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